KIAHK PRAISES for the year 2018

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The praises of Kiahk will resume this week until the celebration of Christmas.

Thursday’s  from  7 PM - 9 PM starting December 6th

Saturday’s from  6 PM starting December 8th

This will last for four weeks


Please attend and invite others to take a blessing of the prayers.


2nd Annual Scout Ceremony

Church service update - Week of October 29 - November 2

ملاحظه هامه بخصوص برنامج الخدمه هذا الأسبوع.

حضره صاحب النيافه الانبا يوسف اسقف بوليفيا سوف يشرفنا بالزيارهً يوم الخميس اول نوفمبر ، و لذلك سوف ينقل قداس يوم الاربعاء و اجتماع أسره البركه الى يوم الخميس فى نفس الموعد لأخذ بركه سيدنا. لا تغيير بخصوص قداس يوم الجمعه الذى سيكون فى موعده كالمعتاد.


Important program change note on the Church service of this week:

H. G. Bishop Anba Youssef of Bolivia will bless our church with a visit this Thursday, 1st of November. Wednesday Liturgy and the Seniors meeting will be moved from Wednesday to Thursday in the same time, to allow everyone to receive the blessings of Saydna. There is no change for the Friday Liturgy.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Fr. Moses


Our beloved Mrs. Julia Hanna has departed to heaven.

Mrs. Hanna is the wife of late Mr. Alfat Hanna, mother of  our brothers Nader Hanna, Amgad Hanna, and our sister Hala Hanna.

She is the Grand mother of David, Tarek and Bishoy Hanna. Mrs. Hanna is the sister of Mrs. Isabel Shokry, and the aunt of Atef, Tarek and Samia Wasfy.

The funeral service will be @ 2:00 pm Saturday October 20, 2018 in Saint Mary and Saint Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church:

360 Westney Road South, Ajax, ON, L1S 6N7.

May the Lord repose her soul in the heavenly Paradise of Joy, and fill the hearts of the family with the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Deacon Schedule

Deacon schedule may be viewed here

Church Schedule for the week of September 24 - 30

We will be celebrating the Feast of the Cross this week.

Vespers of the feast will be on Wednesday, September 26 -  7:30 AM - 9:00 PM.

And the feast will be on Thursday, September 27 -  5:30 AM - 7:30 AM.

There is no Liturgy in the morning of Friday, September 28.

Bishop Sarabamon , Bishop of Omdurman and the North of Sudan


حضره صاحب النيافة الأنبا صربامون اسقف أم درمان وعطبرة و شمال السودان سوف يباركنا غدا السبت ٢٢ سبتمبر ٨:٣٠ صباحا.

وسوف يرأس نيافتة صلاه القداس الالهى، و يرسم شمامسة جدد، و يشارك شعب الكنيسة في مائدة الأغابى بعد القداس مباشرة.

الكل مدعو لنوال البركة.



H.G. Bishop Anba Sarabamon , Bishop of Omdurman and the North of Sudan, will bless our church by a visit, tomorrow Saturday September 22, at 8:30 AM.

His Grace will lead the Divine Liturgy, ordain deacons and bless the congregation by sharing an Aghaby meal just after the Divine Liturgy.

All are welcomed to get Saydna’s blessing.

Church Service

Church Service - Monday September 3rd - Sunday, September 9th


There will be a Divine Liturgy from  9:00 am to 11:00 am. This is followed by a Spiritual and a Fun day. It will be a very interesting program. Please join us and invite others.



There will be a Divine Liturgy from 5:30 am to 7:30 am to pray for all of our children the students who are starting the new school year. May God bless them all.


Wednesday & Friday

There will be NO Liturgy both on Wednesday and Friday.


Saturday & Sunday

Saturday Vespers, and Sunday Liturgy and all other scheduled services are as usual.

Change of Friday & Saturday service


تعديل جدول الخدمه

لا يوجد قداس يوم الجمعه ٢٤ اغسطس.

عشيه يوم السبت ٢٥ اغسطس تبدأ قبل موعدها المعتاد فى الساعه الخامسة مساء، قبل موعد الاحتفال السنوى بعيد السيده العذراء الذى يبدأ مباشره بعد العشيه.

كل عام و انتم بخير ، بركه السيده العذراء امنا تشملنا جميعا.

Important Note

A change in the schedule of the weekly church service.

1. There is NO Liturgy this Friday August 24.

2. On Saturday August 25, the Vespers prayer will start early @ 5:00 PM.

The Annual celebration of Saint Mary’s feast will start after the Vespers prayer.


May the blessings of Saint Mary be always with us all.

St. Mary's Fast & Feast 2018

St Mary's Fast & Feast

To download the PDF file click here