Church Schedule Week of July 22 - Aug 2

Please note the following schedule for the week of July 22 - Aug 2:

  • 2019 SMSA Summer Camp - titled "Arise and Build" - Monday, July 22 - Friday, August 2
  • Summer Camp opening Mass - Monday, July 22 - 7 am to 9 am
  • Friday Mass re-scheduled due to Summer Camp - Friday, July 26 and Friday, August 2 - 9 am to 11 am

Please pray for the Church Service.


2019 Summer Camp - Arise and Build

Church Service Week of Monday, June 17 - Sunday, June 23

1. There is no Liturgy on Wednesday June 19, and Friday June 21

١. لايوجد قداسات يومى الاربعاء ١٩ يونيو، و الجمعه ٢١ يونيو.


2. HG Anba Makar, will bless us with a visit this Saturday June 22. 

HG will lead the Divine Liturgy , that starts @ 9:00 AM. An Aghaby Breakfast with the congregation will follow the Liturgy.

Everyone is invited.


٢.   حضرة صاحب النيافة الحبر الجليل الانبا مقاراسقف الشرقية سوف يشرفنا و يباركنا يوم السبت الموافق ٢٢ يونيو.

سوف يصلى نيافته القداس الالهى ( الذى يبدا التاسعة صباحا)، و يبارك نيافته الشعب بكلمه منفعه روحيه خلال لقاء افطار محبه بعد القداس مباشرة، وسوف تكون هناك فرصه لإجابة أسئلة الشعب و استفساراتهم الروحية.

الكل مدعو لنوال البركه.

Feast of Anba Abraam Bishop of Fayoum

تحت رعاية صاحب الغبطة و القداسة

البابا المعظم الأنبا تاوضروس الثانى

تحتفل الكنيسة بتذكار شفيعها القديس العظيم

الأنبا أبرام اسقف الفيوم و الجيزة

بحضور و تشريف  حضرات الآباء الموقرين كهنة جنوب أونتاريو في المواعيد التالية:




يوم السبت 1 يونيو 2019

عشاء الانبا أبرام السنوى , الساعة الخامسة و النصف مساء بعد صلاة العشية مباشرة.


يوم الاربعاء ٥ يونيو: 

الساعه التاسعة صباحا

القداس الالهى بحضور و تشريف نيافة الانبا مرقس مطران شبرًا الخيمه، كما يبارك نيافته شعب الكنيسه 

بعد القداس مباشرة فى لقاء افطار محبه، و يكلمنا نيافته كلمه عن فضائل القديس الانبا إبرام.

و الكل مدعو لنوال البركه.


يوم الخميس ٦ يونيو :

الساعه التاسعه صباحا

قداس عيد الصعود المجيد


يوم الجمعه  ٧ يونيو :

القداس الالهى الساعه ٥:٣٠  - ٧:٣٠ ص

العشيه و التمجيد و زفة الانبا إبرام،  الساعه ٧:٣٠ - ٩:٠٠ م . بحضور و تشريف قدس ابونا أنطونيوس زكرى ، 

كاهن كنيسه مارجرجس و ابو سيفين بسانت كاترين.


يوم السبت ٨ يونيو :

القداس الالهى الساعه ٩:٠٠ صباحا ص

العشيه و التمجيد و زفة الانبا إبرام،  الساعه ٧:٣٠ - ٩:٠٠ م . بحضور و تشريف قدس ابونا أنجيلوس سعد  ، 

كاهن كنيسه العذراء و أنبا اثاناسيوس بمسيسوجا.


 يوم الأحد ٩ يونيو: 

القداس الالهى فى موعده المعتاد الساعه ٩:٠٠ صباحا.

عشيه العيد  و التمجيد و زفة الانبا إبرام،  الساعه ٧:٣٠ - ٩:٠٠ م . بحضور و تشريف قدس ابونا ويصا الانبا بيشوى,

كاهن كنيسه ابو سيفين و القديسة دميانة فى نيو ماركت. 


يوم الأثنين 10 يونيو 2019: 

الساعه ٥:٣٠ - ٧:٣٠ صباحا

قداس عيد نياحه الانبا إبرام 


كل عام و انتم بخير و بركه السيده العذراء و القديس الانبا إبرام اسقف الفيوم و الجيزه تشملنا كلنا.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The church will celebrate the feast of our Patron Saint Anba Abraam the saintly Bishop of Fayoum and the beloved of the poor as follows:


Saturday June 1st, 2019

@ 5:30 PM following the Vespers Prayer,

Saint Anba Abraam Annual supper 


Wednesday June 5 :

Divine Liturgy @ 9:00 AM

H.E. Anba Morcos, the Metropolitan of Shobra ElKema, will be visiting us. H.E. will lead the Divine Liturgy, Ordain Deacons, and will share an Aghaby Breakfast with the congregation of the church. H.E. will bless us with a word of Benefit about Saint Anba Abraam. 


Thursday June 6 :

Divine Liturgy @ 9:00 AM

The church will be celebrating the Feast of the Ascension.


Friday June 7 :

Divine Liturgy @ 5:30 AM

Vespers Prayers, and the Tamgeed @ 7:30 PM

His Rev. Fr. Antonious Zekry of St. George and St. Abou Sefieen in St. Catherine, Will Pray the Vespers and Bless us with a word of Benefit. 


Saturday June 8 :

Divine Liturgy @ 9:00 AM

Vespers Prayers, and the Tamgeed @ 7:30 PM

His Rev. Fr. Angelos Saad of St. Mary and St. Athanasius in Mississauga, Will Pray the Vespers and Bless us with a word of Benefit. 


Sunday June 9 :

Divine Liturgy @ 9:00 AM

Vespers Prayers, and the Tamgeed @ 7:30 PM

His Rev. Fr. Wisa Anba Pishoy of St. Abu Sefeen and St. Demiana in New Market, Will Pray the Vespers and Bless us with a word of Benefit. 


Monday June 10 :

Divine Liturgy @ 5:30 AM

The church will be celebrating the Feast of Saint Anba Abraam.


Happy Feast of St. Anba Abraam, May the blessings of St. Mary and St. Abraam encompass us all.



Easter Message

Holy Week Schedule 2019

The Real meaning of Fasting

Saint Isaac said: “the fasting of the tongue is better than the fasting of the mouth, and the abstinence of the heart from lust is better than both fasts”.

Many people concern themselves with abstaining from food. God rebuked them, saying: “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” (Matt 15:11). This way, He shows us that bad-talk is defiling. Therefore, our teacher, the Apostle James, refers to the tongue which “defiles the whole body.” (James 3:6). Is your tongue, thus, fasting with the rest of your body? And is your heart abstaining from lusts?

A fasting heart is able to make the tongue fast with it, for “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matt 12:34).

The Lord also said, “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. “ (Matt 15:18). Moreover, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” (Matt 12:35). Therefore, if your heart abstains from sin, your tongue will abstain from every idle word.

He who has a fasting heart, can also make his body fast also.

Therefore, what is important is for the heart and thought to abstain from every wrong desire assisted by the fasting of the body, which is the least of all, Therefore, in your fast, control your tongue. As you make your mouth refrain from food, also make it refrain from bad words. Increase your control over your thoughts and your reactions.

Overpowering the body is not an aim in itself but rather a vehicle for the soul.

Overpowering the body is necessary lest it should digress and cause the soul to perish. In this regard, the apostle says in earnest, “But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” (1 Cor 9:27). When the body is subdued, the soul takes control and the body stop resisting, start collaborating with it and submitting to its leadership.

Therefore, control your body and keep it wisely from all futile enjoyment, luxury, and lust.

It is not enough that you fast, for you also need to overcome the lust for food.

Divine Liturgy Schedule during the Holy Lent period

Jonah Feast Schedule

This week we will be celebrating the Fast and the Feast of  Jonah.


The schedule of the daily Liturgies will be as follows:


Friday, February 15: 

There is No Liturgy 


Saturday, February 16 & Sunday, February 17: 

Scheduled services are as Usual.


Monday, February 18 : 

Divine Liturgy at 10:00 am - 12:30, followed by a spiritual day ends at 5:00 pm.


Tuesday, February 19 :

Divine Liturgy at 1:00 - 3:30 pm


Wednesday, February 20 :

Divine Liturgy @ 3:00 - 5:30 pm


Thursday, February 21 :Feast of Jonah

Divine Liturgy @ 9:00 - 11:00 am followed by the weekly seniors Meeting.


Friday, February 22 : 

There is no Liturgy.


Happy Jonah Fast and Feast to everyone.


قداسات صوم يونان:


 الاثنين : ١٠:٠٠ ص- ١٢:٣٠ ظ، و بعده يوم روحى حتى الخامسهً بعد الظهر.


 الثلاثاء : ١:٠٠ - ٣:٣٠ ظ


 الاربعاء : ٣:٠٠ - ٥:٣٠ م


 الخميس : ٩:٠٠ - ١١:٠٠ ص، و يعقبه اجتماع أسره البركه ( السنيورز) الاسبوعي.


ملاحظه هامه:


 لا يوجد قداس يومى الجمعه ١٥ ، ٢٢ فبراير.


 كل عام و انتم بخير







No Friday Liturgy this Friday

Please note that there will be no Liturgy this Friday, February 1st.