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غادر عالمنا الفانى هذا الصباح المرحوم رومانى بشاى زوج السيده نوره بشاى و والد اخوتنا بيرو و مارى و مادونا و يوستينه بشاى.

موعد الجنازة و العزاء سيحدد بعد قليل.

ربنا ينيح نفسه فى فردوس النعيم و يملا قلوب أفراد الاسره بتعزيات الروح القدس.


Late Mr. Romany Beshay has departed to heaven this morning. Mr. Romany is the husband of Mr. Norah Beshay, and the father of Beroe Beshay, Mary, Madonna and Youstina Beshay.

May the Lord repose his blessed soul in the heavily Paradise of Joy, and fill the hearts of the family with the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Funeral arrangements will be announced soon.