Fast & Feast of St. Mary's Revival


Bishop Anba Michael's Visit Wednesday, June 6

“Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord…”

HG Bishop Anba Michael , will bless us tomorrow in the Wednesday Liturgy, HG will lead the Liturgy, and attend the weekly seniors meeting.

نيافة الأنبا ميخائيل أسقف حدائق القبة بالقاهرة سوف يباركنا بالزيارة غدا الاربعاء.

سيرأس نيافته القداس، و يحضر معنا اجتماع اسرة البركه الاسبوعى.

الكل مدعو لنوال البركه.

Anba Abraam Miracle

Feast of Anba Abraam

Additional Holy Liturgy - Month of March


There will be additional Holy Liturgies during the month of March.

Monday, March 13

Monday, March 20

Monday, March 27

The Holy Liturgy will be held from 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM


May the blessings of the Holy Lent be with you all.


Holy Week Schedule 2023


Holy Week Schedule - PDF format

Church Services - Month of March


Dear All,

Please note that :

1. There is no Liturgy this Friday Feb . 17, 2023.

2. The Vespers prayers on Saturday Feb. 18, 2023 is @ 5:00 pm, followed by the Annual dinner and celebration of the start of the Great Lent.

ملاحظة هامه بخصوص تغيير فى جدول الخدمه هذا الاسبوع:

١. لا يوجد قداس غدا الجمعه ١٧ فبراير 

٢. عشية يوم السبت ١٨ فبراير ستكون الساعه ٥:٠٠ م و يتبعها العشاء السنوى و الاحتفال ببداية الصوم الكبير.


كل عام و انتم جميعا بكل الخير



Liturgical Service during February 2023

Liturgical Service during the month of January 2023